Advancing Today's Oil & Gas Sector for a Sustainable Future, is a leading global provider of oil and gas in private capital to the areas of energy transition and decarbonization and energy from sustainably sourced sources, what we call the Sustainable Energy Ecosystem.

About Us is a partner for advancement rather than just an investment company. We create energy businesses that support a cautious transition to a net-zero carbon future. Our staff has extensive experience investing throughout the energy value chain, which enables us to tackle the most difficult energy issues of the present with focus and agility. First and foremost, we are business owners, with a focus on the long term and a teamwork mentality. We are establishing the benchmark for energy excellence because to our high-tech and data-driven strategy, extensive industry experience.

What We Do

The Sustainable Energy Ecosystem offers a wide range of opportunities, and has established a platform of investment techniques to capitalize on these prospects. We have distinct advantages to help the energy transition because of our comprehensive understanding of the energy value chain and our capacity to invest throughout the capital structure. We work with a "one team" mentality while having a broad investing mandate.

Private Equity

We provide leading energy and sustainability entrepreneurs with growth capital.

Credit & Structured Capital

For both private and public energy and sustainability companies, we provide credit-oriented solutions.

Venture Capital

We make investments in businesses that develop sustainable energy and technologies.

Strategic Shared Services

We use our combined scale and clout to build cutting-edge, data-driven businesses.

Our Portfolio

We create great businesses run by excellent people. We have invested in the energy sector more than 100 times since our founding. We have a history of over 14 years of profitable investments in the energy and sustainability sectors, which has positioned us as a premier business partner for these entrepreneurs.


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  • 15% After 12 hrs
  • Min: $50
  • Max: $499
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  • Advance Plan
  • 30% After 24 hrs
  • Min: $500
  • Max: $999
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  • 50% After 48 hrs
  • Min: $1,000
  • Max: $4,999
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  • Expert Plan
  • 70% After 72 hrs
  • Min: $5000
  • Max: $9,999
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  • Minning Plan
  • 100% After 92 hrs
  • Min: $10,000
  • Max: $Unlimited
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